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Mobil Oil Company #MOBX 11135
39' Single Dome Tank Car

Part #MTL-65120 N Scale Supply Price: $13.84
Repriint Release Date: May 1999


Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Built in March of 1926 by American Car & Foundry in Milton, PA, this 39' single dome tanker was serviced March 24, 1961 in Houston, Texas by the Richmond Oil Company. Painted white and lettered in black, #11135 wears the 1955 red and blue Mobil shield. In 1933, the Flying Red Horse (Pegasus) was introduced as the new symbol for both Socony-Vacuum Oil and Mobilgas. When the two companies merged to become Socony Mobil Oil in 1955, this modernized logo was developed.

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