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Micro-Trains® Line #58500 Series Cars
36' Wood Sheathed Ice Reefer with Modern Steel Underframes

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Road NameRoad #PictureMSRPPricePart #
New: September 2003
none$12.75 MTL-058 00 500
Miller and Hart Packing Company’s ‘Berkshire Ham and Bacon’ reefer2032
$26.95MTL-058 00 506
Chaswolff Packing Co.3149
$26.95MTL-058 00 516
Standard Fruit Company 7201$27.95MTL-058 00 566
Swift Refrigerator Line SRLX 4011$24.15$19.32MTL-058 00 590
Olde Frothingslosh Ale 770$26.95$21.56MTL-058 00 576

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