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MInnesota, Dakota & Western Road # MDW 1123
61' 8" Bulkhead Flat Car
Part #MTL-54100 N Scale Supply Price: Sold Out
Reprint: October 2003
Both regular and low-profile wheels are included
This 618" bulkhead flat car is painted green with white logo and lettering. It was built in April 1975 and serviced in 1987. It runs on black roller bearing trucks. The International Bridge & Terminal Company of International Falls, Minnesota, which had been incorporated in 1902, acquired a nearby railroad with the intention of pushing it west across Minnesota and North Dakota and into Montana. The company took a new name to reflect those intentions, Minnesota, Dakota and Western Railway. By the late 1920s, it had given up its aspirations and settled down to the job of carrying raw materials and finished products for its owner, Minnesota & Ontario Paper Co. The road was acquired by Boise Cascade Corporation in 1965.

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