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Road #P.C.E.X. 4702
40' Double-Sheathed Wood Reefer
Part #MTL-47340 N Scale Supply Price: $
New Release: Nov. 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

The second entry in the Micro-Trains® Special Edition Pepsi-Cola Series is this 40' wood-sheathed reefer, created at the Talent, Oregon Shop (TA). The body is painted GN Blue, with lettering in white on sides and ends and door detail in black. The old-fashioned Pepsi-Cola billboard is printed in reds and browns on a goldenrod background. The slogans, 'BIGGER and BETTER', and 'WORTH A DIME COSTS A NICKEL' are in white. In 1896, Caleb Bradham's drugstore soda fountain was the social gathering place for his small-town clientele, to whom he introduced a concoction we now call Pepsi-Cola.

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