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Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Road #MINX 1040

40' Double-Sheathed Wood Box Car, Single Door w/Vertical Brake Wheel
MTL-39190 N Scale Supply Price $
New Release: November 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is the owner (shipper) of this 40' double-sheathed wood box car with single door and vertical brake wheel. Built in 1910, #1040 is one of forty cars repaired and repainted in September of 1948. Painted box car red with white lettering and the 3M logo in red and white, the delineators were applied with the company’s new “Scotch-Lite,” which was developed late in 1948. It was originally being screen-printed on the wooden panels of station wagons to simulate the light grain of the wood in daylight, reflecting the lights of other cars at night.

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