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Chicago & North Western
Road #142200

40' Double-Sheathed Wood Box Car, Single Door w/Vertical Brake Wheel
MTL-39160 N Scale Supply Price $
New Release Date: October 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Painted box car red and lettered in white, this 40' double-sheathed wood box car, with single door and vertical brake wheel, was built by American Car And Foundry in October of 1918. #142200 is equipped with Andrew trucks with a capacity of 80,000 lb. The black and white C&NW ball-and-bar emblem first appeared in 1885. In 1944 the word "line" was changed to "System". On April 24, 1995 the 147 year old railroad was purchased at $35 per share by Union Pacific.

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