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Santa Fe
Road #ATSF 56227
50' Rib Side Box Car, Plug Door, w/o Roofwalk

Part #MTL-27270 N Scale Supply Price: $
New Release Date: October 1999

This 50' rib side box car, plug door without roof walk was built in August of 1979 as class BX195. When a fleet of 151 of these cars were reweighed and painted, only 56227 received this 'Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde' appearance. With black roof and ends, the right side wears the correct box car red color. The red paint was incorrectly added to the side left of the door; The red paint scheme is only for cars equipped with 'Shock Control'. The large white rectangle with 'the 'XF FOOD LOADING ONLY' designation means that this car was assigned to food service.

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