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Canadian National #C.N. 290159
40' Standard Box Car, Plug Door

Part #MTL-21120 N Scale Supply Price: $SOLD OUT
Repriint Release Date: May 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Built November 1959 by Eastern Car Works, this 40' Standard box car with plug door is painted CN mineral red, stenciled in white and wears the green maple leaf herald. Railroads needed specialized equipment to compete with the trucking industry so they designed insulated and heated box cars. The heating equipment was carried outside of the car under the plug door with a gauge to measure the inside temperature. Internal insulation reduced the capacity for cars in this 200 car fleet from the normal 3900 cu. to 3300 cu. ft. CN stenciled these cars 'Insulated Car Heated' and 'Clean Lading Only' to visually identify them.

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