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Patriotic Train Collector's Train Set

This Patriotic Train Set is offered by Micro-Trains® in recognition of the pride, patriotism, and people that make the United States unique. The consist is pulled by a Life-Like® SW-9 switcher and includes a 40’ box car, a 50’ gondola, 50’ box car, and 36’ caboose. The entire train is painted in red, white, and blue with the words ‘United States of America’ emblazoned across the three middle cars. Fifty stars are strung across each side of the train.

The Collector’s Set Includes:
  • 985 10 014 Life-Like® SW-9 Switcher
  • 74070 40' Standard Box Car, Plug Door, w/o Roofwalk
  • 106070 50' Steel Side, 14 Panel, Fixed End Gondola, Low Cover
  • 38290 50' Standard Box Car, Plug Door, w/o Roofwalk
  • 100150 36' Riveted Steel Caboose, Offset Cupola


Part #MTL-1512 N Scale Supply Price: $143.99
(MSRP: $179.99)

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