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Cambria & Indiana Special Edition
American Bicentennial Train (4 pack)
Part #MTL-1502N Scale Supply Price: $
(MSRP: $169.99)
In anticipation of America's 1976 Bicentennial, the Cambria & Indiana Railroad composed a special train consist to commemorate the event. They brought a locomotive, two hopper cars, and a caboose into their Colver, PA shop to repaint them. Each unit emerged with a unique, patriotic color scheme that would never be duplicated. The SW-9 locomotive drives this consist with the declaration "The Spirit of '76". The first coal car (rd. #C&I 1776) recognizes the nation's beginnings with the phrase "Tribute to the Infant Nation", and the second coal car (rd. #C&I 1976) recognizes the nation's bicentennial with the phrase "Tribute to the Giant Nation". The caboose declares the railroad's patriotism with the phrase "C&I Salutes America's Bicentennial". The coal-hauling Cambria & Indiana Railroad operates about 40 miles of line that winds through the two Pennsylvania counties from which it derives its name.

Special Edition Set Includes:
Life-Like SW-9 Locomotive (Road #C&I 36)
"1776" 33' Twin Bay Hpper (Road #C&I 1776)
"1976" 33' Twin Bay Hpper (Road #C&I 1976)
36' Riveted Steel Caboose (Road #C&I 56)
Packaging: Each car/engine is packaged in a Micro-Trains clear jewel case w/insert. The four jewel cases are shrink wrapped together with a paper liner and price tag.
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