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Pennsylvania Railroad Road # 7062
28-1 Parlor Car Passenger Car

Part #MTL-143 00 050

N Scale Supply Price:
New: Feb 2011

This 28-1 Heavyweight Parlor Car is painted Tuscan red with black roof. It bears the name “Blue Stone” and the Pullman
name and road number, colored in buff. It was built in 1927, serviced in December 1945, and runs on six-wheel passenger
trucks. This parlor car, featuring 28 parlor chairs and one drawing room (28-1), was built by Pullman as a plan 3416A
parlor car for lease to Pennsylvania Railroad. In December 1945 the “Blue Stone” was sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad
which added the road number 7062 and leased it back to Pullman for operation. In 1956 it was withdrawn from lease and
then operated directly by the PRR until it was withdrawn from passenger service in September 1967.


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