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Baltimore & Ohio Road # St. Johns
12-1 Heavyweight Sleeper Passenger Car

Part #MTL-142 00 090

N Scale Supply Price: $
New: May 2012

This 83’ Pullman heavyweight 12-1 sleeper is painted B&O dark blue with gray side and gold herald. It bears the name ‘St. JOHNS’. It was built sometime during 1923 - 1925 from the Pullman plan #3410 and runs on six wheel passenger trucks. B&O had a large fleet of 12-1 Pullman sleepers from the 3410 and 2410 series of plans. Though
these cars were all of the 12-1 configuration, the window and interior appliances were not all the same. The names are applicable for the cars as Pullman sleepers only. In the early 1950s as passenger service declined, they were withdrawn from Pullman lease. The sleeping accommodations were removed from them and the names were replaced with numbers at the outer edges of the car and then used as coaches.


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