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Great NorthernRoad # Glacier
12-1 Heavyweight Sleeper Passenger Car

Part #MTL-142 00 020

New: July 2010

This Pullman heavyweight sleeper is painted Pullman Green with ‘Empire Builder’logo and lettering in metallic gold. It was built in 1910 by Pullman-Standard and runs on six wheel passenger trucks. From 1910 through 1930 Pullman built well over 8,000 steel sleeping, parlor and club/lounge cars. The introduction of the steel cars brought the end of the luxurious, artisan-crafted and custom-designed wooden cars which had been the rule since the 1880s. With the opening of the Pennsylvania Station in New York in 1910 and the Grand Central Terminal in 1913, passenger safety in the tunnels approaching these buildings demanded a more noncombustible material than wood.


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