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CSX Road # CSX 900400
Bay Window Caboose

Part #MTL-130 00 040

N Scale Supply Price:
New: Aug 2009

This bay window caboose is painted CSX blue and gray with aluminum roof, yellow ends and black band along the bottom on the sides. The herald and lettering are blue. The caboose’s rebuild date is 1986 and runs on Swing-Motion trucks. CSX transportation was formed on July 1, 1986 on as a renaming of the Seaboard System Railroad and Chessie System, Inc. into one entity. In the public announcement, it was said that “CSX is singularly appropriate. C for Chessie, S for Seaboard, and X, the multiplication symbol, means that together we are so much more.” The T had to be added to use CSXT as a reporting mark since company initials that end in X typically are for rental railcars.


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