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Weathered Great Northern Road # 139045
60’ double plug door boxcar
Part #MTL-122 44 030 $23.28
New: May 2013

These 60’ box cars with double plug doors are painted Great Northern’s Glacier Green with white lettering and reflectors, and marked with the black, white and red “Rocky” logo. They were built by American Car & Foundry in November
1963, two of 50 cars within the series 139000-139049. They run the Northwest District on 100-ton Barber Roller Bearing trucks with 36” wheels. They were the only 60’-9” double-door series owned by the GN. In the early 1960s Ford
Motor Company prodded the railcar manufacturers to design a fleet to meet changing conditions in the automotive industry. One solution was the 60’ double plug door box car designed for transporting high-density components, such as
castings and transmission assemblies. This design marked a revolution in railcar development.

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