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Reading #101999
40' USRA Steel Box Car with Single Door

Part #MTL-120010 N Scale Supply Price: $7.40 SOLD OUT
Release Date: May 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

The car construction committee of the Mechanical Division of the American Railway Association (A.R.A.) proposed this car design as an A.R.A./USRA standard in 1923. Although never officially accepted as a standard, a number of railroads built near duplicates of these all steel box cars. Confined almost entirely to railroads in the northeast, these were still around in the 60's. With their low height, which gave them unrestricted interchange, they appear dwarfed among rail cars of modern design. Equipped with 4-6-4 Youngstown doors and a plate end with end mount brake wheel, this class Xmu represents the proposed 1923 design. #101999 is from a 2,000 car fleet, built by Pressed Steel Car Company.

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