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Micro-Trains® #118000 Series
Troop Kitchen Cars
Troop Kitchen Car
This 50' standard steel box car Troop Kitchen Car is painted Pullman green with black roof and lettered in Dulux imitation gold. It was built in 1943 by American Car & Foundry and runs on high-speed Allied Full Cushion trucks. In late 1941 the Defense Plant Corporation contracted with ACF to build 800 troop kitchen cars in response to an increased demand to feed thousands of traveling troops. These cars operated in the middle of the troop train so food could be served from both ends. The cars were Spartan but the service was first class. After the war, cars were sold at bargain basement prices to railroads for conversion into boxcars or express cars with eight-foot doors.
Army Hospital Kitchen Car
This 50 Army Hospital Kitchen Car is painted Pullman Green with red and white hospital crosses, white lettering, and medical caduceus flanking the side door. It was part of a Defense Plant Corporation order of 40 hospital kitchen cars manufactured by the American Car & Foundry Chicago plant in 1942. These cars rode on Allied Full Cushion trucks for the duration of their wartime service.

Replacement Nests and Replacement Boxes for this product line are available.


Road NameRoad #PictureMSRPPricePart #
Troop Kitchen Car Undecorated
New: July 2005
None$17.30 MTL-118 00 000
Troop Kitchen Car 115$24.95MTL-118 00 010
United States Army8731$28.90MTL-118 00 050

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