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US Office of Defense Transportation Weathered
Troop Sleeper
Road # 9972 Part #MTL-116 44 010 N Scale Supply Price:
New: Aug 2016
This 50’ 6” troop sleeper, built by Pullman Standard, is painted ’Pullman green’
with black roof and Dulux imitation gold lettering. It was built in 1943 and runs on
black Allied full cushion trucks. The Defense Plant Corporation contracted with Pullman Standard to build 2,400 troop sleeping cars with the fi rst series of Troop Sleepers equipped with step wells and trap doors. The second group, 1,000 cars numbered in the 9,000 series, replaced the step wells with “strap steps”. All of these cars were delivered between 1944 and 1946 and rode on Allied Full Cushion trucks throughout their wartime service. Each troop car slept 29 - 30 passengers and one Pullman porter. The cars were Spartan but the service was fi rst class.


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