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Western Maryland
Troop Sleeper
Road # 30213018 Part #MTL-116 00 050 N Scale Supply Price:
New: Jan 2009

This 50' troop sleeper is painted aluminum with black roof, black logo and lettering. It was built sometime in 1944-1945 by Pullman-Standard, rebuilt in January 1952, and runs on Allied Full Cushion trucks. Western Maryland purchased a total of 25 troop cars in two batches during 1947 and 1948. 3021 was formerly used as a troop sleeper by the U.S. military during World War II and was converted to MOW service in January 1952. Stenciled with the full Western Maryland "speed" lettering paint scheme over aluminum paint, troop-sleeper 3021 is in Maintenance-of-Way service providing sleeping quarters to crews at the MOW sites.


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