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U.S. Office of Defense Transportation
50' Steel Box Car Troop Sleepers
Rd# 9026 Part #MTL-116 00 011 N Scale Supply Price:
Rd# 9334 Part #MTL-116 00 012 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: Nov. 2016

These 50 standard steel box car Troop Sleepers are painted Pullman Green with black ends and are lettered in Dulux Imitation Gold. They were built in 1943 by Pullman Standard and ran on Allied Full Cushion trucks which were standard issue for these cars through its wartime service. The second order consisted of 1,000 troop sleeping cars, each accommodating 29-30 passengers and one Pullman porter. After the war they were sold by the government for bargain basement prices to railroads that converted them to a wide variety of uses ranging from cabooses to baggage cars to Railway Post Offices.


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