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Erie Lackawanna w/ Vandal Panels Road # TTX 940772
Bi-Level Open Auto Rack
Part #MTL-112 00 530
New: Nov 2013
Note: Pre orders where taken July 2013 for this car.

Micro-Trains is collaborating with Eastern Seaboard Models to offer a bi-level auto rack featuring protective stainless steel vandal panels!
The model has a light freight car red rack mounted on a yellow Trailer Train flatcar, with white deck tops along with black and white lettering. It includes etched stainless steel vandal panels to represent the prototype as it appeared in the late 1970s and 1980s. As with the prototype, the deck flaps are not present. Prior to the appearance of enclosed auto racks, open frame auto racks were equipped with stainless steel panels to deter vandalism while in transit.


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