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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
89' Tri-Level Closed Auto Rack
Part #MTL-111 00 130
New: May 2009Road # ATSF 88099

This 89’ tri-level closed auto rack is painted red with blue placards and aluminum roof. Logos and lettering are in white;
Excess Height message is in black. It was built in 1976, serviced in December 1978 and runs on Barber® Roller Bearing
trucks. The first auto racks had exposed sides that led to vehicle damage from vandalism and weather; in the early 1970s the
railroads started to enclose them with steel mesh. Tri-level racks continued to be used predominantly for automobiles, while
the bi-level racks were primarily used for light trucks and vans. Auto Racks are one of the most commonly seen cars on the
railroads today.

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