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Weathered Western Pacific Road # 6056
50' Steel Side, 14 Panel, Fixed End Gondola w/ Low Cover
Part #MTL-106 44 220 N Scale Supply Price:
New: Aug 2012

This 50 steel side fixed end gondola with low cover is painted black with large Western Pacific feather painted orange
and yellow lettering. The car is lettered in white. It was built in October 1945, serviced in February 1962, and runs on
Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This gondola is one of 10 originally part of a 100-car series numbered 6501-6600 built
by Mt. Vernon Car Co in October 1945. Between 1961 and 1962, Mt. Vernon renumbered 10 cars to 6051-6060, and
converted them to steel bar service. WP picked up part of the steel contract with the giant US Steel. They received both
SRE (Standard Railway Equipment) roofs and moveable bulkheads.

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