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Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
Road #DTI 9504
50' Steel Side, 14 Panel, Fixed End Gondola w/ Low Cover
Part #MTL-106050 N Scale Supply Price: $
New Release Date: October 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Ten of these 50' steel side, 14 panel, fixed end gondolas with low covers were painted black with yellow ends. The covers were also painted yellow when serviced March of 1972. Lettered in yellow, #9504 was built November 1969 by Greenville Steel Car Company as class GBSR. These gons hauled pre-cut sheet metal which was sensitive to heat. The lids and ends were painted bright yellow so that the crane operator would attach the correct lid to the matching gondola. The road was purchased by Grand Trunk Western June 24, 1980 and merged on December 31, 1983.

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