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Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Road # 9505
50' Steel Side, 14 Panel, Fixed End Gondola w/ Low Cover
Part #MTL-106 00 260 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: June 2012

This 50 steel side 15-panel fixed end gondola with low cover is painted black with large yellow DT&I letters, and
white and yellow compass logo. Side lettering is in yellow and end print is black. It was built in August 1969, serviced
in March 1972, and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This 10-car series came from Greenville Steel Car Company
with their covers and when received were specially equipped with internal bulkheads to haul skids of cut steel blanks.
In addition to the covers, these cars came fitted with FreightMaster end-of-car cushioning devices and had wood floors.
The lids and ends of these gondolas were painted bright yellow so the crane operator would attach the correct lid to the
matching gondola after unloading.

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