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Frisco (St. Louis - San Francisco)
Road #SL-SF 51512
50' Steel Side, 15 Panel, Fixed End Gondola
Part #MTL-105530 N Scale Supply Price:
New Release: November 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

Built in January of 1968 and re-weighed in April of 1973, this 50' steel side 15 panel, fixed end gondola is painted box car red and lettered in white. Built as class GBR, 895 of these 100-ton capacity PS-5 cars are equipped to wear covers (MTL product #1200) and were put into steel service. They survived the merger of Burlington Northern on November 21, 1980, with #51512 still working on the BN in 1987. Frisco's system ran through nine states on 5,000 miles of track.

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