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Road ##CR 216722

60' Excess Height Box Car, Single Door, Rivet Side
MTL-104040 N Scale Supply Price $
New Release Date: October 1999

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

#216722, a 60’ box car, excess height, single door, rivet side, was built March 1969 by Penn Central as part of its class X64 fleet. It became Conrail's series 216722-216731, class X26a's, in September of 1987, and was painted box car red with white lettering. The Conrail wheel-on-rails logo is also in white. The AAR classifies this as a class XP box car, similar in design to an XM, but specially equipped, designed, and/or structurally suitable for a specific commodity loading system. Conrail began operation April 1, 1976 when it took over the properties and operations of 6 bankrupt eastern railroads, including CNJ, EL, LV, RDG, PC, and L&HRR.

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