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ConrailRoad # CR 223434
60' Excess Height, Double Plug Doors, Waffle Sides
Part #MTL-103 00 020 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: Jan 2011

This 60’ excess height box car with double plug doors and waffle sides is painted box car red with white logo
and lettering; it also bears white excess height masks on the ends with black lettering. It was built in December
1978 by Berwick Forge & Fabricating and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. It is built with exterior posts and
dual eight-foot Youngstown plug Doors. It has end-of-car cushioning and “waffle” pattern side panels indicating
internal belt rails allowing for a speedy damage free delivery. This design came about in answer to the need to
accommodate use of automated loading devices such as fork lifts and the stacking of tall appliance crates. The
excess height enabled maximum use of space with fewer cars needed for a shipment.

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