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Union Pacific
Road #UP 960861
60' Box Car, Excess Height, Double Plug Doors, Rivet Sides

Part #MTL-102020 N Scale Supply Price: $
Reprint Release: November 1999

This 60’ box car, excess height with double plug doors and rivet sides, has aluminum roof and ends, with yellow sides that display UP’s Automated Railway - Cushioned Load’ map logo in red, green, orange, blue, and black. Lettering on the sides and ends is black with a white band across the top portion of the ends, designating it as an excess-height car. Built by Greenville Steel Car Company in July of 1973, this car carried relatively light loads of auto parts. The weight of the forklift(s) required both 16'-clearance doors to be open when loading or unloading, to allow for underframe flexing.

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