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Denver & Rio Grande Western
PS-2 3-bay covered hopper with high sides
Road # 15331 Part #MTL-096 00 070 N Scale Supply Price:
New: Oct 2011

This PS-2 three-bay covered hopper with high sides is painted gray with large “Rio Grande Action Road” scheme in black
as well as black lettering. It was built in March 1968 by Pullman-Standard and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This
hopper is one of a group of 100-ton, 4427 cu. ft. covered grain hoppers and was numbered into series #15250-15399.
This group received the Grande’s “Action Road” scheme, and many received their gothic reporting marks and road numbers upon servicing and repainting in the 70s. The design was Pullman-Standard’s earliest mass-produced hoppers of this class, part of Pullman’s ‘Center Discharge’ line of covered hoppers known as PS2CDs. Barley and Petroleum Coke are the primary commodities of these hoppers.


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