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Santa Fe Road # ATSF 313838
3-Bay ACF Center Flow® Covered Hopper w/Elongated Hatches
Part #MTL-094 44 101 N Scale Supply Price:
New: May 2009

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

The American Car & Foundry built this 3 bay ACF Center Flow® covered hopper with elongated hatches in June 1973. It is painted in ATSF brown with white lettering. The trucks and couplers are also brown. Number ATSF 313838 is part of a 1,000-car fleet of class LO hoppers with a 4,600 cu ft, 200,000 lb capacity equipped with Barber® Roller Bearing trucks. Unlike most railroads, the ATSF remained virtually intact from its beginnings in 1859 up to its merger with Burlington Northern in December 1996.

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