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Wisconsin Southern Road # MRMX 501101
3-Bay ACF Center Flow® Covered Hopper w/Elongated Hatches
Part #MTL-094 00 340 N Scale Supply Price: $21.00
New: Dec 2011

This three-bay Centerflow® covered hopper with elongated hatches is painted light gray with black logo and lettering. The built date is unknown, but the service date is 2006. This hopper runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. WSOR covered hoppers with
the 501100 series numbers are assigned to the task of transporting sand from the Badger Mining pit at Utley, WI, to end users across the nation, and are generally given the benefit of a coat of gray paint with the black WSOR lettering. MRMX is Midwest Railcar Corporation and appears to be a railcar leasing company.

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