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Canadian National Road # CN 388520
3-Bay ACF Center Flow® Covered Hopper w/Elongated Hatches
Part #MTL-094 00 230 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: June 2010

This three bay ACF Centerflow covered hopper with elongated hatches is painted gray with black logo and
lettering. It was built in December 1995 by TrentonWorks Ltd of Nova Scotia, Canada, and runs on Barber
Roller Bearing trucks. CN 388531 wears the large continuous-line CN logo; The Canadian National road name
is stenciled with English on the left side of the car and French on the right. The lading for this hopper is wood
pellet. Canadian National was incorporated in June 1919 as the result of a merger of the Canadian Northern
and the Canadian Government Railway. As such, the Canadian National was not built, but instead gathered and

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