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Chesapeake & Ohio Road # 460101
40' Standard Box Car w/Single Door, Full Ladders, w/o Roofwalk
Part #MTL-073 00 130
New: Feb 2012

This 40’ standard box car with single Youngstown door, no roofwalk and tall ladders, is painted brown, with white herald and lettering. It was built in May 1947 serviced in May 1969, and runs on Bettendorf trucks. This car was numbered into the 460000-460999 series when the cars were acquired from the Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company in 1969. When rebuilt, this box car had its roofwalk removed, but the ladders were left full length. By the mid-1970s, all roofwalks were to be removed; cars with and without running boards were seen together through the 1980s. Freight cars with full-length ladders, like this had yellow and black stenciling near the ladders which read ‘Keep off Roof, No Running Board.’

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