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Denver & Rio Grande Western Road # D&RGW 105023
89' 4" TOFC Flat Car
Part #MTL-071 00 530 N Scale Supply Price:Sold out
Reprint: Aug 2009

This 89’ 4” TOFC flat car carrying a trailer load is painted red with white logo and lettering. It was built in September 1978 by American Car & Foundry, serviced in 1982, and runs on Barber® Roller Bearing
trucks. This car was originally built for the Providence and Worchester. The Maine Central acquired the 46-car fleet for a while until 1982 when the Denver and Rio Grande Western® secured the flats. Painted in P&W red, the sides were re-lettered for the DRGW in white. The TOFCs, equipped with hitches and bridge plates, were in service through the late 80s with a carrying capacity of 150,000 pounds.


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