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Union Tank Car Company Road # UTLX 1328
Three Dome Tank Cars
Part #MTL-066 00 050 N Scale Supply Price:
New: June 2009

This ACF 3 Dome Tank is white with a black belly and black lettering. Built in March 1937 by American Car & Foundry, this tank carís dome stenciling indicates it carries white oil and is equipped with heaters. It runs on black Bettendorf trucks. Union Tank Car Company is a railway equipment leasing company (and car maintenance / manufacturing). As the name says, they specialize in tank and covered hopper cars. Founded in 1866 by J. J. Vandergrift, in response to the economic activities of Standard Oil, the company has a long history. Today Union Tank Car Company is owned by Marmon Holdings and remains a dominant tank car manufacturer and service provider.

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