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Union Refrigerator Transit Lines Road # URTX 60769
40' Steel Side Ice Reefer
Part #MTL-059 00 170 N Scale Supply Price:
New: Jan 2012

This 40’ steel ice reefer is painted with white and green sides and black ends and roof. The logo is green and yellow and the lettering is black or white. It was built in 1954, serviced in September 1962, and runs on Bettendorf trucks. Capable of carrying 1,857 cu. ft. of freight, this 75,000 lb. capacity reefer displays the colorful Raskin Packing Company logo and name, proudly advertising ‘Siouxland’s Fine Beef’. Raskin leased this car from the Union Refrigerator Transit Lines, a Division of the General American Transportation Corporation.

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