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Canadian Northern Road # CNR 16272
36' Wood-sheathed refer
Part #MTL-058 00 080 N Scale Supply Price:
New: May 2009

This 36’ wood sheathed ice reefer with modern steel underframe is painted box car red with white sides, black herald and side lettering, and white end lettering. It was built in 1910 by Crossen Car Manufacturing Company (CCMCo) of Coburg, Canada, and runs on arch bar trucks. The Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR), by the end of the teens, had become a constituent part of the Canadian National Railways which was formed in 1918. By the time this car was constructed the CNoR was the only customer of the CCMCo and in 1915 when Crossen closed its doors its final units were also destined for the CNoR.


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