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Great Northern Road # GN 73363
33' Twin Bay Hopper w/Offset Sides
Part #MTL-055 00 060 N Scale Supply Price
Reprint: Jan 2012


This 33’ twin bay hopper with offset sides is box car red with black and white logo and white lettering. It was built in October 1931, serviced in July 1950, and runs on Bettendorf trucks. In 1931, the Standard Steel Car Co. built 500 all-steel hopper cars for the Great Northern. Hoppers of this series were serviced and repainted between 1948-1956 and kept their small sans serif lettering but received the new “Great Northern Railway” herald in place of the “See America First…Glacier National Park” herald. Hoppers of this era and series may have coexisted with the 1970 birth of the BN in Cascade Green. The GN used hoppers in revenue loading of coal, manganese and zinc concentrates, iron ore, bauxite, sand gravel crushed rock and sugar beets.

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