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Trailer Train Road # TTZX 86086
60' 8" Thrall® Centerbeam Flat Car
Part #MTL-053 00 020 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: Dec 2009

This 60 Thrall® Center Beam® flat car is painted yellow with white logo on a black background; reporting
marks are white on a black background and other lettering is black. It was built in July 1986 by Thrall
Manufacturing Company and runs on Barber® Roller Bearing trucks. The TTZX reporting mark indicates this flat
car is a 100-ton bulkhead car equipped with a center partition and winch-type tie down system for carrying
lumber products. Trailer Train went into operation in 1956, not as a railroad, but a company owned by railroads.
The objectives of Trailer Train were the standardization of equipment, the preventive maintenance of that
equipment and to furnish equipment to members at the lowest possible cost.


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