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Morrell Road # 5330
40' Double-Sheated Wood Reefer w/Vertical Brakewheel
Part #MTL-049 00 610 N Scale Supply Price:
New: March 2012

This 40’ double-sheathed wood reefer with vertical brake wheel is painted brown with reefer yellow sides. The large Morrell’s Pride billboard advertisement as well as the side lettering is black. End lettering is white. It was built in April 1934 and ran the Midwest on B-1 National trucks from 1934 into the 1940s. This reefer, like others, was designed to
haul perishable goods such as meat, dairy products, and beer, any load that required a cool temperature. The billboard reefers were seen by thousands as they transported their cargo; a great form of advertising. Begun in the late 1800s, the practice continued until the 1930s when the ICC restricted lettering and car decoration in response to complaints.

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