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Pacific Great Eastern Road # PGE 9041
50' Gondola, Fishbelly Sides with Drop Ends
Part #MTL-046 00 300 N Scale Supply Price: $15.16
Reprint: May 2010


This 50 gondola with fishbelly sides, drop ends and crushed stone load is painted brown with white logo and lettering. It
was built by National Steel Car in October 1954, serviced in April 1957, and runs on Roller Bearing trucks. The PGE was
incorporated in 1912 to build a line from Vancouver to a connection with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (GTP) at Prince
George. The British Columbia government acquired all stock in 1918 and in 1972 changed their name to British Columbia
Railway with reporting marks BCOL and BCIT (international service cars). Some PGE-marked cars still remain on their roster. Cars with PGE reporting marks were no longer listed by January 2008.


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