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Canadian National Road # 419585
50' Rib Side Box Car w/Single Door
Part #MTL-025 00 650 N Scale Supply Price: Sold Out
Reprint: Oct 2015

This 50’ rib side box car with single sliding door is painted mineral brown with white logos and lettering. Yellow reflectors are painted on the door. It was built in April 1980 by Berwick Forge & Fabrication, serviced in May 1985, and runs on Barber Roller
Bearing trucks. This car is part of road series 419000-419599, sub-series 419549-419599. Acquired in 1984, Canadian National purchased 600 cars from Trailer Train’s surplus RAILBOX fleet. RAILBOX used a general standard design with nailable
steel flooring, but allowed manufacturers to utilize their own unique features. This car was from the former RBOX series 40250-40749; CN painted and renumbered these 51 cars into the sub-series 419549-419599 in May 1985.

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