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Ashley Drew & Northern Road # AND 9684
50' Rib Side Box Car w/Single Door
Part #MTL-025 00 590 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: June 2009


This 50’ rib side box car with single door and no roofwalk is painted green with aluminum roof and white door. It bears a green and yellow logo with green stripe and lettering on the door and white lettering on the car. It was built in July 1980 by Pacific Car & Foundry and runs on Barber® Roller Bearing trucks. Ashley, Drew and Northern is a small short line in southern Arkansas and is owned by Georgia Pacific Corp. The ADN serves 12 mills that produce paper, building products, and chemicals derived from the southern pine trees, hence the slogan, ‘Serves Southern Forests’. ADN has freight connections with Frisco and Union Pacific; cars are seen throughout the country. Principal items of traffic are pulpwood and paper products. ADN was to be abandoned with the last day of operations scheduled for June 29, 1996.

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