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Boston & Maine Road # 80021
50' Rib Side Box Car w/Single Door
Part #MTL-025 00 240 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: July 2013

This 50’ rib side box car, single door with no roofwalk is painted blue with black sliding door; it bears white lettering and herald. It was built by FMC of Portland, OR, in September 1979 and runs on Roller Bearing trucks. The class XM boxcar is assigned to paper service, not general use. This model represents the 1970s outside braced FMC cars that were designed to last longer. The specifications featured a beefed-up frame, and seamless interiors (to prevent vermin infestation). They clear plate C which means the cars have a maximum height of 15’6”. Many were equipped with cushioned underframes and had received colorful paint schemes while under private ownership.

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