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The color in this scan is not very accurate. The actual color of the decal is more yellow, Aspen Gold to be exact. The color of the Rio Grande on the GP30 above is more accurate.
Over the years the D&RGW used predominately two colors of yellow/gold for their engines. They used a color that is fairly Orange on a group of GP40's that were ex-Conrail engines repainted in Kansas City. This color is very accurately reproduced by the current Microscale MSD-60-28 decal. Missing was the correct gold color for a majority of the Rio Grande Diesel engines. So N Scale Supply asked Microscale to do a custom run of decals with what we feel is a correct color. This is actually the HO Scale 87-28 decal sheet reduced in size to N Scale proportions which has yielded a very crisp decal set.

Part #NSS-60-28
N Scale Supply Price: $3.50
(Bulk discount available for purchasing 10 or more sets)


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