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Railroad Herald Metal Signs
Die Cut & Embossed

Now modelers and railfans alike can decorate their train rooms with high quality, affordable reproductions of railroad heralds. Microscales new line of signs are manufactured in the U.S.A. of metal, and are die-cut so that the signs retain the shape of the original railroad logos. These signs are also embossed, giving the signs a slight 3-D effect. Each sign is produced in vivid, authentic and durable colors and are approximately 8 inches in height. Plus, even though these new signs are manufactured in metal, they are also lightweight and feature pre-drilled holes for mounting.

Picture Description MSRP Part #
Railroad Crossbuck
2 Metal pieces form a 22" x 22" sign
New: August 2003
$38.95 MSD-10200
Pennsylvania $13.25 MSD-10001
Union Pacific $13.25 MSD-10002
Santa Fe $13.25 MSD-10003
Great Northern $13.25 MSD-10004
Southern Pacific $13.25 MSD-10005
New York Central $13.25 MSD-10006
New Haven
(early style)
$13.25 MSD-10007
Western Pacific $13.25 MSD-10008
Southern $13.25 MSD-10009
Canadian Pacific $13.25 MSD-10010
Chicago & North Western $13.25 MSD-10011
Atlantic Coast Line $13.25 MSD-10012
Northern Pacific $13.25 MSD-10013
Kansas City Southern $13.25 MSD-10014
Illinois Central $13.25 MSD-10015
Florida East Coast $13.25 MSD-10016
Rock Island $13.25 MSD-10017
Reading $13.25 MSD-10018
Seaboard Air Line $13.25 MSD-10019
Baltimore & Ohio $13.25 MSD-10020
$13.25 MSD-10021
Denver & Rio Grande Western
$13.25 MSD-10022
Burlington Route
$13.25 MSD-10023
Lehigh Valley
$13.25 MSD-10024
Boston & Maine
$13.25 MSD-10025
New: August 2003
$13.25 MSD-10026
Burlington Northern
New: August 2003
$13.25 MSD-10027
New: Oct 2005
$13.25 MSD-10028
MKT (Katy)
New: Oct 2005
$13.25 MSD-10029
Penn Central
New: Oct 2005
$13.25 MSD-10030
Pacific Electric
New: Oct 2005
$13.25 MSD-10032
Northwestern Pacific
New: Oct 2005
$13.25 MSD-10033
Norfolk & Western
New: Oct 2005
$13.25 MSD-10034
SP/EMD "Power by the Mile"
New: Dec 2006
$13.25 MSD-10035
Chessie Systems
New: Dec 2006
$13.25 MSD-10036
MO-PAC Screaming Eagle
New: Dec 2006
$13.25 MSD-10037
Santa Fe
New: Dec 2006
$13.25 MSD-10038

Large Signs

Picture Road Name MSRP Part #
Southern Pacific
$17.99 MSD-10501
Santa Fe
Indian Head
$17.99 MSD-10502

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