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USRA 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Engine

At the HobbyVisions 2003 show in Las Vegas Model Power was showing off the new Vandy Tender Unit. We are accepting reservations at this time, see table below for complete list.


Model Information
  • Metal Boiler for added traction
  • Electrical pickup - two tender axles and all three driver axles
  • 5 Pole skew-wound motor
  • DCC Prepared - Four wires have been run into the tender, two from the driver pickups and two to the motor. Plenty of room exists for the installation of a decoder, very possibly even a sound decoder.
  • Made by Ajin in Korea (makers of many brass engines)
N Scale Supply Note: I know that many of the internet lists have been talking about the performance of this engine, and most are not flattering. After test running several of these engines we feel these are very good running engines. Most of the discussion I have seen is concerned with the noise. We have run one engine that was exceptionally noisy, but all of the others are acceptable. Yes, they are noisier than a Kato Mikado, but they are not objectionable (except at 160mph). Slow speed performance is exceptional. Low speed throttle range is very good. Considering the lack of a quality 4-6-2 on the market, I think this is a good entry to the marketplace.

This view shows the tender shell removed. The weight at the bottom slides over the plastic box inside the tender. With the weight in place there should be plenty of room to install any of the small decoders by Digitrax, TCS or NCE. I think there may even be room to put a sound decoder in. The red & black wires are from the engine drivers. The orange and gray wires are from the motor. The wires are soldered to brass contact strips which pick up power from two tender axles. Removal of the shell was simple, two screws from the bottom towards the engine, then pry the shell off the tabs in the back. Notice the etched metal window frames in the cab.


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