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Neon-Like Signs

Neon always adds excitement. Take a walk down memory lane around the year 1920 and look at the stores advertising their products using neon signs in the window. Today neon is seen in all corners of the world. The dazzles of neon is not limited to store fronts, it has become a part of our everyday culture. Years ago Miniatronics developed a process to create miniature neon-like signs. Utilizing a special coloring/filling process gave the signs a natural neon like look. The fully assembled signs are designed to fit most structures. If an adjustment is needed, simply follow the easy directions included with each sign. Every Unit is self contained and needs a 12 volt power source.

These signs can be made to flash! Use Miniatronics’ Variable Rate Incandescent Lamp Flasher number 100-N01-01 to control the simultaneous flash rate for one to two HO, G scale signs or one to three N scale signs. Or try our alternating flasher 100-N02-01 and control the flash rate of two to four HO, G scale signs, or two to six N scale signs.

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