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Neon Signs

Miller engineering has spent over two years developing an extensive line of electroluminescence (EL) lighting kits covering a broad range of lighting needs. From interior lighting, neon signs, Experimenter's kits, even custom cut signs, you're sure to find the right kit for your needs. Our proprietary cutting process allows us to produce signs, the likes of which have never been available before.


Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this remarkable lighting source is its extreme thinness. Our El lamps are only .008" to .010" thick, just a little thicker than a piece of paper. No other light source can match this unique feature. The light output is soft neon like glow with no "HOT" spots that are characteristic of other types of light sources. EL lamps do not burn out, but rather grow dimmer with time. They produce almost no heat, are flexible, and can be cut to shape. Our white EL lamps that are used for the Experimenter's kit, interior lighting kits, and some of the signs, are capable of producing a cool white light that reproduces the color of fluorescent lights. Because our EL lamps are so thin, you'll be able to create a sense of realism that has not been possible before. Our extensive line of sign kits will add a dynamic range of authenticity that is unrivaled by any other lighting product on the market today. With a LIGHT WORKS kit it is now possible to create many of the classic signs that adorn commercial buildings across the country. The classic "HOTEL" sign is a perfect example. Our high light output means your signs will be visible in regular room light; you will not have to be in a darkly lit room to see their incredible effect.

What dose a Light Works kit consist of?
Each kit comes with one EL lamp and a complete ready-to-run power supply that runs on two AAA batteries (not supplied). Simply insert the two batteries, plug in the EL lamp and turn on the switch. It's that simple. Our sign kits come in two types: Vertical signs, that arc designed to be used on the sides of buildings and Horizontal signs that are for rooftops. To assist you in the design of your lighting project all drawings of signs in this Web Site list the sizes of the signs. All vertical signs are available in left and right versions. Since most buildings are viewed from only one side, you only need to use the appropriate left or right version. When a building is viewed from all directions, you may use both a left and right version together, mounting them back to back. Of course the uses of LIGHT WORKS signs are only limited by one's imagination.

Animated Billboards
Vertical Multi-Graphic Signs


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